HeyWow books | About Us

what’s it all about?

It’s really quite simple, we put kids in books! We create brilliantly personalised seek & find picture books for kids, featuring their name & photograph on every page.
Heywow - Lorna & Daniel

Our story so far

From the small seaside town of Oban on the north-west coast of Scotland we had the crazy idea of starting our own bespoke children's book publishing company.

Our aim, to bring a bit more WOW to kids lives. To create something vibrant, well designed and exciting that parents could enjoy too! How hard can that be???

Ha! Over a year later - in between caring for our two young children - after lots of brain storming, cups of tea, sketching, emails, business plans, photo shoots, an exhausting Kickstarter campaign, more tea, Skype calls and months and months crafting our first extraordinary book, we have now finally unleashed HeyWow on the world...

A bit about us

Lorna Freytag
Co-founder & illustrator

Lorna is a published children's picture book illustrator and photographer. She worked for many years as a children's fashion photographer in London, New
York and Sydney but her real passion 
has always been children’s books!
The Team

It’s not all about us!
The HeyWow magic is made possible by our talented team of social media masters, printing gurus and retouching wizards.
It takes many hands to make exceptionally unique books for exceptionally unique children.
Daniel Freytag
Co-founder & creative director

Daniel is a designer, photographer and serial idealist. When he’s not running his design studio he’s involved with mad, creative adventures such as this one!
Heywow our little monsters!