About HeyWow!

To put it simply: We put kids in books!

HeyWow is an innovative, kids publishing company specialising in photo-personalisation and excitingly bold books.

With our nifty new system we create brilliantly personalised, diverse picture books for kids, featuring their REAL face & name on every page. Not an avatar or a lookalike but the real them!

Our ideas at HeyWow are bold, playful & adventurous with a little bit of attitude. Just like the personality of a crazy three year old.  

Our Books

We’ve channelled our passion into creating brilliantly personalised 'doing' books. Our seek & find, mix & match, colouring, doodling, thought-provoking, idea-sparking books are designed to inspire boldness and encourage creativity (with a lot of fun squashed in too!).

Each of our books is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind wonder. They’re all cleverly personalised with a child's face and name on each page.


Our Software System

In 2018 we officially launched HeyWow with our fully automated, personalisation software and a stack of new books.

As well as creating and personalising our own books our nifty new system is a print-on-demand, personalisation “eco-system” that can be white-labelled for any brand or publisher. Allowing them to publish and sell their own personalised books. All under their own brand and control.

From adapting existing bestsellers to creating innovative new titles around any theme, concept or brand message/story - the sky’s the limit!

We love the mix of kids technology with paper and print.
There’s scope for MANY playful ideas…
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