We celebrate diversity, inclusion and acceptance

There’s been a lot of chat in the media over the last year about the lack of diversity in childrens books.
So we wanted to make sure that when creating our personalised books we made EVERYONE feel welcome within the pages. It was so important to us that we were as inclusive as possible.

This meant featuring a wide variety of children in the “permanent population” of the illustrations and also creating a varied collection of hairstyles (which is growing all the time) for customers to choose from when placing their own child into our books.

We live in a very small seaside town in the north west of Scotland and, well, it’s lacking slightly in a “diverse” community of kids! (It’s so cold here most of the time that everyone is just blue!)

So we had to look further afield. We just wanted to say a huge thank you to August Avis and Eva Kipphut (mum’s Heather Avis and Rachel Kipphut) both of whom happen to have Down Syndrome and who’s mum’s are advocates for the differently-abled. August looks very cool in our In the City book and Eva is our cute Little Red Riding Hood in ‘The Fairytale Quest’.

Thanks so much guys!


Lorna Freytag