Great for cool kids rooms

We’re working our way through the alphabet creating a bold print for each letter.
There are more coming very soon and we hope to have the whole lot done in time for Black Friday (as they make great Christmas presents for kids, toddlers or even for cool studios)
We’ve had great fun deciding what object/animal represents each letter and we’ve tried to keep them as simple and bold as possible so that adults find them as stylish as kids do.

Which letter should we do next? J for jellybeans?

Yes, that’s me (i hate being on camera!)

Yes, that’s me (i hate being on camera!)


So get your xmas gifts organised early this year! Choose your favourite letter or initial and brighten up those walls! All our prints fit perfectly into IKEA frames and are great for kids rooms, nurseries, offices, studios, cafes or living rooms!

Lorna Freytag