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What kind of photo works best?

How long do you keep photos for?

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What kind of photo works best?

We know how hard it is to get energetic kids to stand still for a photo but here are some guidelines to help you send us the best kind of photo for your book. Our book is perfect for children aged 2-6 but we have had happy customers buy for younger and older children too! All the images are checked by an actual human so if anything isn't quite right we'll contact you ASAP!

What we like:

• A happy face!
• A nice, bright, sharp, front-on photo preferably without harsh shadows.
• We need the top-half of their body, from the chest upwards including all of their hair and shoulders. Arms down please.
• The best photos are taken at a similar level to the child, so not looking down on them.
• They also work best if the child is standing rather than sitting and not taken at night - no red-eye please.
• A plain-ish background is good but we realise that isn’t always possible.
• No hats or sunglasses if possible please
• The better the quality of the photo the better it’ll look in your book. If you're unsure of a photo feel free to email it to us and ask for our opinion: hello@heywow.co

Examples of photos that DON’T work well:

Photos that dont work well

Examples of photos that DO work well:

Photos that do work well

How long do you keep photos for?

All uploaded photos and related names requested for creation of your book will be held for 2 months (incase re-prints are required). After this time they will be deleted. We use the photo solely for creating your wonderful book.

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